[SOLVED] How to create my own animations?

So, I have been watching youtube videos and I see cool new objects, and cool new animations, and so on. I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know how to work with hitboxes or points for my object to move.
Now right now, to create animations, I am clicking,

“Create a new animation”

Then, I click the,

  • Add

After that, It takes me to the objects list of different objects doing different animations. I click one, and that’s my frame #1. I can create a few animations with that, but I want to create my OWN. There are some buttons at the bottom of the animation settings saying, edit points, and edit hitboxes. How do I use them to create my own wild animation? :confused:

What do you mean by that exactly? You create your own animations by importing sprites or you create them with piskel. Then you can adjust the hitboxes and add points if necessary.

I use the online version on a chromebook. So I can’t edit with the piskel.

The online version is not a full fledged version of the game engine, and is meant for trying it out. You will not be able to upload custom assets to the web demo.

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So there is now way whatsoever that I can create my own animations on chromebook?

No, not without access to a full PC with the full engine installed.

If you had access to a full PC, you could save your project with the custom animations and upload it to Google Drive, and load that (full project, not animation) via the web version.

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Then, what are hitboxes and points for?

  • Hitboxes are for collision detection.
  • Points are for numerous things, including the origin point of a sprite (images are displayed starting with the origin point as the upper left corner), and the center point of a sprite (sprites are flipped based off the center point).

None of these have anything to do with creating animations.

Oh, ok thanks for the help

ok :sunny: :sunny: :sunny: