[Solved] How to create Skybox and Fog in a 3D scene?

I create a small 3D scene following the 3D First Person template. And as i see, there is a fog creating shadowing effect. How can i do this effect in my scene too? UPD: I found the fog in the effect menu.
Also, how can i do skybox there?

This is my scene and the template’s scene:

A skybox is just a massive cube which has the camera inside of it all the time. So create a huge cube and the image on each face. Then position the box so it’s centred on the camera; if the camera moves, then so does the skybox cube. Just don’t rotate it with the camera.


Really, it was a good way. Thank you.

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Hi guys @MrMen @Rakszas,
Could you help me with a simple example or steps to do the “skybox” working.
I’ve tried implementing your idea several times without success. I think I’m doing something wrong because I can center the camera, but everything appears black even when I apply textures to the cube. If you could provide me with a basic example, that would help me a lot. Thank you very much.

Can you screen snip the cube settings?

I am trying to remove the fog, could you tell me in more detailed where this effect menu is?