[Solved] How to disable a hidden layer

In my game, I have two layers containing each of the buttons. One of them is always hidden, unfortunately, even hidden, it remains clickable !! How to disable the hidden layer, so that it is not clickable at the same time as the other one?


You can search for “Visibility of a Layer” condition.
For example:

That button would only be functional if the layer was visible.

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Or click on the eyes on the layer list

Thank you for your answer, but the problem persists. Maybe I need to explain a little more my problem.
At the beginning of the game, the first visible layer is a keyboard, 48 keys take all the surface of the layer. When the player clicks on one of the keys, a new layer is displayed with a question and 4 answers.
During this phase of the game, the keyboard layer is hidden, but when the player clicks on one of the 4 answer keys of the new layer, this last layer is hidden in its turn and the keyboard layer reappears, but the answer key to the question has also reached the keyboard key below it, even hidden !!!
How to make sure that the (hidden) keyboard layer is not affected by the click on the layer where the player selects his answer ?

I need to see screenshots of the events of your game and maybe the demo of the game that you can publish via html5 (or maybe if you don’t want to show your game, you can publish a dummy version of it). I can’t quite visualize it.

Here is the link to download the zip of my game. This is only the beginning, I try to make it progress between each problem I encounter. I have the ideas, but the realization is more complicated. I tested this version, it’s even worse than the preview in GDevelop ! When it opens, it should display the home page, then the keyboard. There, it’s several keys that disappear when you answer the question !!!
I find, also, the file very heavy, for a game which is only at the beginning, is this normal ? There’s certainly a way to lighten all this. I’ll see that later.


Thanks for giving me the insight on what went wrong with your game.

I assume that you just used a single scene.
Take a look at the example I’ve made : https://bit.ly/3anqqnA

As to heavy file size, you can just scale down your object resolutions with photoshop and the like, then replace the image used for your in-game object/sprite with the scaled down one. Or maybe just use JPG image if your objects/sprites don’t have nor needed any transparency.

Thank you for your help, I’ve had a look at your model, but I’ll study it, in depth, a little later, I have more important work to do than looking after my game for the moment. Thank you.