[Solved] How to disable typewriter effect

Good afternoon guys, I’m with a doubt I follow the example of text that is in gdvelop but this example does not show how to close the speech after finishing all text, can anyone help?

I think you’re following the tutorial for simulating a typewriter. The fade in/out one is different.

You might want to try using Tweens on the text objects for fading instead.
Just add the Tween behavior to the object and then events to Tween the opacity to 0.

yes this, but I do not know where to trigger, and instead of hiding I want to delete the text object.

You can still delete the object after the Tween is finished playing.

Where to trigger it depends on how your events are set up and when you want stuff to happen.
Are you using external event sheets or the scene’s event sheet?

external, problem and I looked for where the Tween ends but I did not find

You have to set it in the events. There is a condition for if the Tween is finished playing. I will post a screen capture of events for example in a little while as I have to give my son a ride to work soon.

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Right, thanks…

Here you go, see if that does the trick or at least gives you a starting point.
I didn’t make it fade in btw, only out. But it is basically the same event in reverse.
For fading in, you want to Tween to 255 opacity.

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Thank you, but it did not help me much, I still do not understand, your example is different.

I’m sorry it didn’t help, I don’t know exactly what you’re trying to achieve or why you can’t take what’s useful and discard the rest. Most simplified examples are never going to fit what you need exactly, you’ll need to figure out how to adapt it for your purposes.

I’ve done all I can at this point. Maybe someone else can explain better.

Best of luck.

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the example fits perfectly and I need to close the dialog box but I do not think the end of the event.