[Solved] How to draw a freeform line with Shape Painter so that it has no interruptions

Hello everyone, I will be brief and clear in the explanation.
There is a code like this:

The problem is that if you draw a curved line, such gaps and holes will form, call it what you want:

I want the line to be beautiful, without these “holes”, as in this example (clean canvas):

Thanks for any help, I’ve tried a lot already.

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Perhaps you could try using circles instead of lines? Maybe you could cobble up something that said “for the first few pixels, use lines, for the others, use circles”.
I suppose you could also use thicker lines.


@Sciller4 , thanks a lot, helped, here is the solution:

Amendment, the issue is not resolved, the method above is very resource intensive by creating hundreds of circles, how can I restrict the creation of circles so that they are not created on top of each other?

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Don’t draw a circle. Create a circle sprite, and place it at the cursor position. Scale it to resize it.

The question is settled, this extension allows you to optimize resource consumption by saving a line to a sprite and then removing the line.