(SOLVED) How to handle non-collision for each instance


I’m trying to detect instances that are not colliding with the player, but I’m having difficulty. I believe this question has already been solved in somewhere on the forum, but I can’t find it. Here my events:

Gif with the result:

Because the Boxes are to close, my Player don’t stops colliding with the Box object while he is walking. I don’t know how to make Gdevelop understand that I want to take into account each separate instance that is not colliding with the player has the linked arrow deleted.


You can reverse the order of the objects
[inverted] player in collision with box to [inverted] box in collision with player


It needs to pick the arrows linked to the box otherwise all of the arrows will be deleted.
Inverted collisions work differently. I can’t explain it. The order matters when inverted. But if you put it inside a for each object it compares them 1 on 1.

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