(Solved) How to hide objects under the bar?

the objects are always running on the bar and i can’t hide them under it, how i can move the bar on top of the game through code?

you have to change the z order of the vehicles.

The code is:
-create car
-Change Z-order of (object) to (number you want)

which number? please explaine :frowning:

a number (or two, or three…) below “bar”


A number (or two, or three…) above “vehicles”

If “bar” is in Z order number 6. You have to put the vehicles one or two, or three number above the Z order where the vehicles are.

If I were you…I would put “Bar” in order Z = 100 from the beginning.

The higher the number, the closer it is to your eyes.

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Thank you so much!!! It’s working !! <3

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