(Solved) How to keep a bullet rotating forever?

I couldn’t find any solution about how to rotate an object forever.

I have a bullet fire but my object is like a ball and I want it to spin clockwise repeatedly.

Does anyone has the solution or any tips?

Thank you.


you just need a rotate-action without condition. Something like:

Then the object will rotate all the time.


Hi, Thanks for the solution it works fine.
it’s really simple, IDK why I didn’t find it in the first place :joy:.

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Have you tried a loop animation of a rotating bullet? Im curious what the frame rate would be between playing an animation using a large number of bullets compared to having to repeatedly calculate the rotation of each pixel.

If the image was small and there weren’t a lot of bullets it would probably be insignificant although it depends on how quickly and frequently it needed to rotate an image.


Thanks for the tips, I will keep it in mind.

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That’s a good point. In my game, the experience I had when I tried to make the character’s hat rotating in each frame was freezing while testing on mobile, but fine while testing in my PC. So, I didn’t changed to an animation, but worked with a timer and angle action:

Now it’s fine on mobile too.

edit.: and one more thing. The hat of my character rotate when he dies. The buttons and some another stuff is not working when this event is running. But because @RedMuffin is trying to rotate a bullet (and probably will have more than one in scene) my guess is the animation will be the better choice when thinking about performance.