[SOLVED] How to lerp or what i am doing wrong?

So i have this action

And ingame boomerang is lie next to player despite+200

And believe or not here we have +2000

While resolution of this game at least width is 600

I have this which works perfectly fine

I did try in multiple projects
And it looks like lerp does not work for me for objects

Can someone confirm it or tell me what i am doing wrong?

Lerp takes 3 variables; start value, end value and the ratio of the point between those two values. The ratios is from 0 (completely at the start value) to 1 (completely at the end value). So the ration of 0.05 is only 5% of the way from the start value to the end value.

So lerp(0, 200, 0.05) returns a value of 10. And the +2000 at 0.05 lerps to 100.

Does that help, or am I telling you what you already know (apologies if this is the case)?

(if you’re trying to move it back to the player)
I think the issue is it’s using fixed values for both the start and the end. So, it will always return the same value. The 2nd # probably needs to be the boomerang’s location. You probably want a larger 3rd number as well. So, it’s not too fast.

@MrMen Even if you are telling me something i know
You are confirming my knowledge being right
So no reason to apologize for it

I did read about lerp and how to use it
But i get it other way around
For ratio
Higher value = more delay (or slower effect)
Lower value = less delay (or faster effect)

I was sure higher value will make it less delay so more of instant while lower value will make it have more of a delay kinda lag it lags
And it was other way around

@Keith_1357 Well turns out higher value for 3rd value and setting 2nd value not for same object location but other object (boomerang in this case)
Fixed it

I was trying to get same effect with object following player as you get smooth camera using lerp

Bless you guys

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