[Solved] How to make a blob shape like the ones seen in the game Shapez.io?

Ok, so in the game Shapez.io, there are some randomly generated blobs around the map, I want to know how can I generate such random blobs like those.

My current method is to just create objects from a random external layout, but that is not important since I will delete all of that code and replace it with something less repetitive.

I tried looking through the game’s source code, but I have no experience with that language.

Important: I only need to learn how to generate a single random sample, the rest (world generation) I can just make it myself.

(Edit because I accidentally confirmed the post creation)

I tried searching through this on google, it keeps popping up only world generation with noise, I want to try it out.

Extra information: The grid size is 16x16, the random blobs will be made of 16x16 square pieces.

I am already searching through Youtube, but any link for a video similar to what I want to achieve (these random blobs) can help.

Can you screen shot an example of what you mean by blobs?

Maybe I dont know the correct english word but do you see these red, green and white areas in the corners of the image?
images (32)

If I generate a single “blob”, 90% of the world is done basically because it is just almost that.

Would the Dungeon Generation extension help here? I think it’ll do what you’re after, possibly if you use the cavern option rather than rooms-with-tunnels.

I tried to use it to make caves for my 2d game, but i cant (at least i think i cant) change where the cave generates.

My conclusion:

I will keep the idea of creating objects from an external layout, but to make it seems more random, instead of using only a layout for each blob, I will create between 3 – 6 random layouts together.