[SOLVED] How to make a soccer ball roll with a dust particle?

How do I…

Make a soccer ball have a dust particle effect where the dust is going behind in the direction the soccer ball is going and shows dust from large to small at mid to lower back of the ball?

What is the expected result

Ideally there should be dust that shows up when the soccer ball is hitting the wall and this dust should be for the lower half of the back of the ball’s direction when rolling.

What is the actual result

I’ve tried adjusting the point to center and also to the mid bottom but this only either sprays out dust straight from the center which looks odd or sprays out dust in a weird spiral direction.

Related screenshots

Soccer Ball Dust

Project files (optional)

Not needed unless you think it’s necessary. :slight_smile:

Use a particle emitter. User the sticker extension to attach it to the middle of the football (and with a lower Z-order than the football). Start and stop the emitter as needed.

Set up the particle emitter object like, though you may have to play round with the Radius of the emitter and make it a bit larger, and possibly add a little bit of negative Y axis gravity if you want the dust to rise a tad:

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Thank you for the help

So I copied your behaviours for the particle emitter but as you can see it’s still directly spitting out dust in a straight line from the middle.

I added the extension and applied it to the ball and the particle emitter but not sure what else to do with it.

Here are some more accurate images of what’s going on:

Screenshot 2022-12-18 193747

To get the particles the way you want usually requires a bit of tinkering. Doing that in Gdevelop is not the best experience. You could use PixiJS’ PixiParticlesEditor which allows you to change the particle parameters and see the results in real time in the browser.
As Gdevelop is based on PixiJS the values are more or less transferable although not all parameters from the editor are available in Gdevelop.


You could also check out the particle system example that comes with GDevelop. It has a smoke particle emitter that you can look into:


Thank you both for your help. It’s much appreciated.

I think I’ll get the hang of particles eventually. It just takes practice which in turn makes skill.

My final question is if a ball is rolling, how can I get the particle effect to stay stuck in place regardless if the ball is rolling or not? I’m having a hard time rattling my brain trying to figure it out.

This is now solved. :slight_smile:

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