(Solved) How to make an object fall in a hole

Hi Guys, in my proyect, i’m moving an object, everytime i touch it, it moves 40px, the object size is 40x40, and i want to use it as a bridge, so the hole is also 40x40 (now 42x40 trying to make some extra space to see if it goes in…).

As a platform it doesn’t fall, so i make it like a Top-down movement (4-8 directions) thinking that maybe in this ways it should be affected to gravity like my player, but seems that it’s not :open_mouth:

Is there any option to make the object be affected to gravity?

Solved using logic :laughing: :laughing:
I make the rock like my player, a platform character, and then i set the speed, maximum speed, velocity and jump to 0 and it doesn’t move but i can move it :smiling_imp:

Great! Very straightforward :smiley: