[SOLVED]How to make Jumpscare? (similar to Horror RPG Maker game)

Hello. I’m new to Gdevelop and try making a game like horror RPG maker recently. I want to make jumpscare but don’t know how.

First: I created a map with a hole on the wall. When player interacts with the hole, 2 option will appear: Look into the hole or ignore it. If player choices to look in the hole, jumscare imagine (monster) will appear. (I managed to do this part and it work smoothly)

Then: When player interacts with the hole again, 2 option appear again. But If player choices to look in the hole again, the monster will gone (replace jumpscare imagine with another imagine). (I have no idea how to do this part). What should I do?

Sorry for my bad English!

I think you’ll have to narrow down what, specifically, you need help with.
Do you need help to detect that the player has interacted with the hole again?
Do you need help triggering a new cascade of events?
If you just need help replacing the monster, then make another event to hide or delete the object just as you have in the events right above your blue “nothing happens” text.
Does that help?

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If there is a condition that help me detect that the [player] has interacted with the [hole_object] >2nd time, that would be great :00 can you show me how to do it?

To simplify what i want to do: This is what happened so far.

With this, everytime [player] in collision with [hole_object] and press z, the [monster_imagine] will appear, right? But i would like to make it appear at first time collision, and from the second time [another imagine] will appear instead of [monster_imagine].
(For the object monster, i have 2 animation. Animation 1: scary monster. Animation 2: Monster is gone. Is there a way to change animation of the monster object in the 2nd time collision?)

Oh never mind. I did it with global variable XD Thank you for spending time helping me

Glad you figured it out! Sorry I didn’t reply faster.

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