[SOLVED] How to make Leaderboard using Google Spreadsheet?

I want to Post playerName and Score when game over. Also I want 10 top scores to show on the leaderboard.
Please help me implement, I am a newbie :frowning:

There is a tutorial for Construct 2 that explain how to send data to google spreadsheet so I think it’s possible to do it with Gdevelop using the network commands to send the data to it.

This is the tutorial page: Sending data from Construct 2/3 to Google Spreadsheet

There a video about is also but isn’t in english so the best thing is to view it carefully and adapt it to Gdevelop:

Same newbie here.
If your game can go online, I suggest that you can try http://dreamlo.com/ ,it would save you a lot of time~

Many many thanks guys, Now I can post data to spreadsheet and get… But here is the new problem as I am newbie. How can I parse JSON :
{“result”: “success”, “sheet”: [“Epsilon1”, 10000], [“Epsilon”, 10000], [“EEE”, 200], [“kkk”, 77], [“fdfs”, 40], [“qq”, 30]}
As these data consists of Player Names and Scores. how can separately put it on different variable and show them in LeaderBoard like below.

As GDevelop doesn’t have arrays yet, you need to use the structure variables, as explained here.
For instance: HighScore.Name.8 would return “Epsilon” and HighScore.Score.8 would return 2000.

Thank you, with little tweaks I am able to grab the array elements :blush:

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Anyone have tried if this works with GD? Please let me know and maybe some guide if possible.

I also want to know this.

@Epsilon Do you have it working? Can you maybe post your project with only the leaderboard, as an example?

You mean dreamlo.com ? It did work with GD. :wink: :wink: :wink:

Yes, thanks man. I got it working and its the easiest solution for an online leaderboard for me this time.

That’s great! :wink:

But be careful about the HTTPS problem when you put the files on the web, some web server do not allow non-https request~

I was on holiday, sorry, couldn’t reply. If you still need help please let me know.