[Solved] How to make my platformer constantly blinking


I want my platformer to be visible or invisible like every few seconds (loop).

I tried my own way but it didn’t work

When I use the method below, almost everything works when my character is near the platforms but when my character is far away the platform isn’t

1.I tried the “show / hide” action but failed because at the time of “hide” I was still on the air and didn’t fall.

2.I tried it with “scene time” and add “change animation” at certain times such as (platform, platform blink and empty frame) I don’t know why but it doesn’t work either.

3.I have tried with just 1 animation and used the framerate to adjust the tempo of the animation.

4.And now I’m using the 3rd method and adding “at the beginning to play animation platforms” but that doesn’t work either.

Thank you…

Do you want the player to still interact with the platformer when it is invisible, or do you want the player to fall when the platform is hidden?

hi I want my character to fall when not on the platform like at the beginning of the video.


At the start of the video I move the character to near the platform and it works, the platform flickers constantly.

But when I moved the character too far away from the platform,The platform didn’t flicker like I wanted either

Sorry, I can’t see the problem. As far as I can tell, the platforms flicker and then disappear, before reappearing and repeating the whole thing.

If you want to take a video of your game, try using something like ScreenToGif. Then you won’t ave to use a phone :slight_smile:

As above, my two platforms disappear and reappear alternately, I want something like that …

But it only happens when I move my character near the platform, when I place my character away from the platform it will be like this…


Ah, lots-a-noodles! I get it now.

Try giving the disappearing platforms an instance variable, say SequenceId. Each group or set of platforms that are to flash and disappear together are given the same SequenceId. Set a timer for each SequenceId, and at each timer interval that you have defined for flashing, for disappearing and for reappearing, use a condition to select the platforms matching the SequenceId belonging to the timer.

I hope I’ve explained it well enough.

Hi … thanks for explaining it, but it seems quite confusing to me, if you don’t mind can you write the event for me …?

Can you provide a screen shot of the events where you control the flashing, disappearing and reappearing platforms? Then we can indicate what and where to make changes.

Currently I don’t use event to make my platform disappearing and reappearing, I only use 1 platform object with the animation disappearing and then reappearing. And 1 platform object with animation appearing and then disappearing by adjusting the framerate and position of the animation

Hi again … now I’m using this event,This is the second method I used and it works quite well.But I don’t know how to time it properly.

-I have 1 animation and 1 frame with an platform image which has 1 FPS / 1 Second.
-I have 1 animation and 6 frames with an empty image and a platform image which has 6 FPS / 0.1667 Seconds (I use 5 FPS / 0.2 Seconds to make it easier but i dont know how to use it).
-And I have 1 animation and 1 frame with an empty image which has 1 FPS / 1 second.

Why dont you use 1 animation since you want to loop it constantly??/

Keep it at 5 fps and start with 5 images of the platform then one image one blank (3 times) and then 5 images blank. At the last 5 images remove the hitboxes… and keep it looping…

That becomes a juggling act with hit boxes.

@Far, what if you set the flashing animation to loop (the check box when you define the animation frames in the object editor)? Then the flashing will continue until you change animations.

Not really, you only have to remove the hitboxes on the last 5 frames and you remove the need of a timer…

Yes, you’re correct. The things I write while sleep deprived :neutral_face:

do you mean like this? I tried that,I used 1 animaition with a total of 26 frames/images in it and adjusted every frame of the animation but it didn’t work.

I have tried it, the result remains the same even if i check the loop/not or moved my character far/close to the platform, the result will still be like this… no blink animation.

I tried and it would work but it seems that when i messed with the hitboxes then the platform would not loop…

Another way i found was to have two objects where one is a platform that contains the show and blink animations (in one animation) and the other is not a platform… When the animation of the platform ends then it creates the not platform object and when that animation ends it creates the platform…

I don’t think I can explain it very well so I made you an example… Try it and tell me what you think…


It doesn’t look like you’re using the flashing animation. Can you show what events you’ve got so far?

the loop is quite well at the beginning but it only happens when the character is close to the platform like mine.
but when i moved that character away from the platfrom and just add center camera event will be like this.

here for the animation,its for object platform1 but also for platform2,the animation list is same with platform1 and platform2

here for the events.