(SOLVED )How to make my screen shake if I collided with something?

Hi guys. I want to make my screen shake if I collided with something. I also want it to happen if my character jumps. But I can’t use the condition “press a key” because my character can’t control it’s jump. Is there a way to do that? I would really appreciate if you can give me the events. I wish someone could help me. Thank you very much.

There is the Shake fiction. It’s easy to use.

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How to exactly to do this? I mean I want the screen to shake if my character die (it happens when I collided with spikes) Can you help me?

Hi, there is a cool demonstration of screen shake from Victris Games on itch. You can also download the events for free (or for a price of your choice). Extension: Shake Object and Camera Shake by Victris Games

Edit: I just noticed this example is also referenced by the Camera Shake extension which @jumpingj mentioned.

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