(SOLVED) How to make npcs follow platform player, like in the game 'flicky'

I want my character to collect npcs to bring back to a drop off point, would like them to follow players movement in a trail/caterpillar kind of effect like on the game flicky.

Does anyone know if there is an extension i can use to achieve this or cam explain events i would need to use?

Many thanks in advance!

Have you tried the animate shadow clones extension? This uses a player object variable to track the clone count. When the clones hit the end object the counter is decreased. Just add the extension and the cloneCount variable to the player object.

This uses 4 objects. A platform, a player with the platform object behavior, a duck object and a duckClone object. plus, the animate shadow clones extension. (it’s an extension not an object behavior)

Edit: You don’t need to delete the clones. The extension will do that. I updated the screenshot.

Edit 2: Even though the extension deletes the clones. It looks better if they are deleted upon collision. It probably needs testing.



Thank you so much that looks like it will do the job perfectly! Going to test this out tomorrow.

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You’re welcome. I’m not super familiar with the extension. I don’t know the best way to reduce the count. It seems to work by using at least 2 object variables plus a link. You might want to test changing those for the best result.

There’s an action to delete the clones but that seems to delete all of the clones.