[SOLVED] How to make "save a text" action go to the right path

I’m trying to make it go into a folder into the picturespath, but it does not go in the folder. I’ve never been able to find the save files, but I’ve been able to make screenshots go inside. So I’m unsure how different these two saving actions are. Can someone show me how I can fix this? I’ve never been able to find the saved texts.

Can you screen shot the 2 events and actions?


The “take a screenshot” action works with the exact same conditions. I’ve tried a ton of expression’s for this but nothing works.

You’re using the storage actions, not the filesystem actions.

Storage actions go into a storage DB, and do not have filepaths.

If you want to create an actual file, you need to use the filesystem actions.

I see, I was misleaded with the file system actions. The saving file one says “only use on small files”. Does it really effect performance?

No clue, but it’s unlikely that you’re going to be creating anything impactful (hundreds of MB).

Keep in mind filesystem actions will only work on desktop, not mobile or web.