[Solved] How to make sprites from different layers not interact

So I have 7 layers in total,

I have a sprite over each of the text icons, and have set an action so that when you click on a sprite it hides the base layer and shows the one you clicked on.
However, when I’m in the Stats layer I can still click on the other sprites of the base layer and it will transfer me to the layer the sprite in the base layer that I clicked on.
How can I make it so that when I’m in a certain layer the sprites from other layers are non intractable?

there is a condition to check “is on Layer” #

I’m new at this. Is there a way for you to visually show me how to do this in the events tab?

when you show/hide layers you can also check, if layer is visable.

put your other cursor/touch checks also as a subevent under the touch is down condition.
in fact put every single action you have that is triggered by touch is down there.
Using subevents is not only better for performance, it also helps organizing and avoid conflicting events.


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I tried what you said and it didn’t work.
When i was in the main menu i couldn’t click on status.
i wanted to open stats and when I’m on the stats layer not be able to click on the other 5 sprites (Inventory,Hunt,Quest,Skills,Shop) on the main menu.
I might just be an idiot and be missing something.
I wanted to add you on discord so I could send you the project so you could see what I was trying to do.

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