[SOLVED] How to pause a level?

Hi everyone, I am faced with a problem, I created a timer that when it reaches 0 changes the scene to “Game Over”.
Now I would like to put a pause button to temporarily freeze the level, and then, later, take it up again, but I don’t know how …
This is the timer screen

Thanks a lot to everyone! :slight_smile:

Use the “Pause current scene and switch to another scene” event (or something named similar to that). Put your game over on another scene, and then your main game will pause when it switches to it.

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Prima di tutto ti ringrazio per la risposta! :slight_smile:
Questa è certamente una soluzione, ma io vorrei bloccare sul livello, senza cambiare scena, principalmente per 2 motivi.
1 ci saranno davvero tanti livelli
2 vorrei usare il pulsante pausa per bloccare tutto, rimanendo però su quel livello … vieni in tutti i giochi per Android, per intenderci :slight_smile:

I use PAUSE button and set time scale to 0 and camera move to position like X=20000 Y=20000 with RESUME button and when RESUME button pressed, change camera to previous position and time scale to 1 :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your answer!:slight_smile:
can you show me an example? because I don’t think I understand correctly…



Thank you very much, you have been really very useful!

You’re welcome my friend! :slight_smile:

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