(Solved) How to Pause/Unpause timers?

How do I pause and unpause timers?

For example, I’ve created a pause menu and a scene timer. What I want is so that when the player runs the game and presses “tab” to bring up the pause menu, the timer at the side of the screen pauses as well. When the player presses “esc” it continues the timer and the game resumes. Instead, the timer doesn’t pause but everything else works.

The conditions and actions related to pausing and the timers:

The timers are pretty broken because i havent been able to figure it out. Thanks.

Hi, I don’t really understand your events but this is how you can pause and unpause a timer with key presses. In your events the unpause is obviously missing when escape is pressed.

To check that it works, you may display the value of the timer in a text-object → ToString(TimerElapsedTime(“Timer”))

Should It be a scene or object timer? Thank you

For a pause menu it should be a scene timer.

I figured it out!!
It was the add TimeDelta() that was missing