[Solved] How to press 2 button same time?

like “a” and “space” please help…

What do you mean? You just press both keys simultaneously.

Do you mean how do I detect 2 keys pressed at the same time? Put the two conditions in the same event :


That event reads “If 'a' is pressed AND 'space' is pressed

If there are multiple conditions in an event, GDevelop requires they are all satisfied before executing the actions.

I tried thanks. But animation dont work.

What do you mean it doesn’t work? Can you explain what you expect it to do, and then explain what it is doing?

Also, what are the events at the start of the event sheet?

I tried when you press “d” and “space” button animation work and character move. But Animations frames are not working (just first frame work). I made animation loop and when you dont press buttons animations stop.

What are the events at the start? You’ve shown the ones at the end, but not the beginning.

If you press ‘d’ & space, it meets the conditions for the first event (just the ‘d’ key being pressed) which will set the animation to “walk”.

However, further down you have “the ‘d’ key and space pressed” event, which resets the animation to “jump”. Because it being reset from “walk” it starts at animation frame 1, for every game frame.

The easiest way to get around this is to add to the first event the inverted condition “space key is pressed” (so it reads “space key is not pressed”). This will then prevent the action from firing is ‘d’ and space are both pressed.

It works. Really Thanks…