[SOLVED] How to see what is inside built in extensions?

IF i for example add fire bullet to game i can add any condition or action and when im in that window (add codnition/action) i see edit button that lets me see what is inside extension
Eventually modify it at my will
Same if i go to extension in project manager and double click extension i want

NOW if it comes to for example top down behavior
There is no way in doing so

So well i ask is there a way to do so?

For example to see what is inside top down behavior which i guess is just another extension
Which is just built in

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Here are some helpful links.




But that looks like a lot of crap to do for just checking

Yes, it’s a lot and I don’t understand most of it.

The last link is helpful though it’s in JavaScript but it’s commented and easy to read. The 2nd section of that link show the objects and behaviors. Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything easier. I haven’t really looked through the 1st two links. I use the 3rd link from time to time.

For example this is all of the methods and properties and the step code for the top down.


Once you click a method you can click the Defined in link to see the code for that method.

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You can see the code like this:

  • Click here
  • Click on the extension you want to look at
  • Click on the file that is like <name of the extension>tools.ts / <name of the behavior>behavior.ts / <name of the object>object.ts
  • Profit!!

It’s all javascript, but it mostly isn’t too hard to read… depending on the extension :sweat_smile:

Example (ok that one is a bit hard to read :skull:):

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Actually for what i need and want it is more than enough

If it would be easy it would not be fun

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