[Solved] How to use text input object?


Pressed ‘preview’ to try the edit box and you cant press enter to go to next line like a regular editor would

Are there no other ways to create an editor in this? Are there no other ways to enter text in this?

If there isnt I need to know cos then I cant make what I wanna make so need to know that

This link above is found on


Making typing game


the linked example is very specific because it seems to limit the text to one line in the box. Generally, you can type text and press “enter” to go to the next line.

You can try it here:

Typing games are possible in Gdevelop. Maybe there are better options, but I have no knowledge about this genre and which engines/frameworks are best for it.

You are looking for Input type in the TextInput Object.
Set it to text area.

huh ? :thinking::question:

what you mean and what u talking about, this is not explained

thx imma go try it but still need a good video guide or video tut that explains everything in detail - and to follow the steps - to learn the other things ill need to know

pls link a good one if you know of any, thx

it works!!!
i’ve accomplished what i needed to do

i made half the screen this box, so the player can type on the other half of the screen

but this is ‘experimental’ it says – and it dont think it even said that on the non-updated help pages

im not going to continue trying to make this typing game, i give up on the typing game

maybe ill try to make something else in the future instead…