[Solved]how to use the text entry

For example, how to ask to input a name and then print “Hello, !”
In my case I cannot terminate input after pressing Enter…

GD has an extension named “Text entry” (Native Platform)
You can add the Text Entry object to the scene (is invisible) and des/activate the text input capture, the object save the captured text in a string. Then you can use the string for whatever you want :wink:

Example :smiley: (left click to des/activate the text entry):

Note: variable checkNext is my “elif or else if”, other way GD will read:
Text entry is desactived ===> Activate it
Text entry is now activated ===> Desactivate it :stuck_out_tongue:

So complicated in GD! :cry: OK, I’ll try it… Thanks for help!

Simplified version of using Text entry object:

Enter your name and press [Return]
The result:


Before using Text Entry Object in Events you need to put it somewhere on the Scene and add the object Text to the Scene where do you want messages to display.
PS: Currently you can type only English text in the Text Entry, no Russian, for exampple. :cry:

You can also type spanish text on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure you wanted to say “currently you can type only modern latin characters on it, not cyrillic ones”

BTW, this a very cool example and useful of how to use the input entry.

Hi all,

Currently investigating GameDevelop as an option for a project, but one of the requirements is a form at the end for users to enter some details and have those details plus some of the variables entered on different scenes emailed to the organisation who is running the project.

We were planning to use the Web platform, but is it even possible to have user entry text forms (or a mail function) in the Web platform?

Other than that, it seems GameDevelop is able to do all the things we need it to.


Not really for now, it would be a matter of porting the text entry extension to the web platform to get the text entered on Keyboard…
But GD is fully capable of sending classical http requests so you can perfectly send details/variables to an API endpoint (=a PHP page for example that send emails).

Just make sure to ask the user for its details using a classic HTML form before starting the game, or wait for the text entry extension but I can’t promise any release date.

Thanks very much for the quick reply, we will keep that in mind as we design it.