[Solved] How to zoom camera?

Hi there,

i would like to make a zoom camera effect. I’m making a top down space game, and when my ship go faster, i would like to unzoom the camera and viceversa with low speed.

don’t want to make it manually, what a madness.

maybe a nintendo SNES mode 7? some tricks with resolution/layer effect or whatelse?


if current speed = 500 then
change the zoom to 0.7
if current speed = 250 then
change the zoom to 1

there is a zoom action. search for it

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Look for a tutorial about the “lerp” function or “smooth camera”, it will help you achieve a nice and slow zoom/unzoom.


really so easy? looking for it

looking for it

*ahem *ahem

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Yes it is very easy.

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Done. Stunning. 110 % what i was searching.

Thanks Mixen, thanks Gruk.