[Solved] HTML5 game stuck at 100% on loading screen

Hi, I am trying to figure out why my projects get stuck at the loading screen once uploaded online. They work when previewing within GDevelop and via a local server once exported as local files, just not when served from an actual online site.

As such, I made a simple one scene test game to check if the HTML5 version works. I uploaded it to my site at this link here.

I tested this in Chrome and Safari and both get stuck at 100% loading with the following console errors:

I am using GDevelop5 beta98 on MacOS Mojave.

Thank you for your help.

Game have no problem.
You configuration on your server have a problem and block the game.


for start you need fix your 404.html page

And you have miss to copy folder events-tools
Lot of file are missing, and on your server when a file is missing you return 404 page.

Thank you for pointing me to the right area. I now realize that those tools are there, but I mislabelled the folder they are in as “event-tools” and missing the “s”!