(SOLVED)I can't login with the same user as on the app

It just tells me that there is no user with that email even though it’s the only email I have, and I know the username. Can I merge two users? Cause now I don’t have my badges and I can’t access my game online.

Also, I can’t login at GDevelop discord chat, it tells me my email doesn’t exists, should I have put this in the bug section?

I’m not sure what you’re asking here, but if I’m following correctly, you’re trying to use your forum account on the other systems?

The forum account is not the same account as the GDevelop account, nor are either of those the same as a discord account.

They are 3 separate accounts:

  1. Gdevelop Forum account
  2. GDevelop profile account
  3. Discord account. (Discord isn’t associated with GDevelop at all, there isn’t a GDevelop specific discord account account)
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Thank you! I had no idea and thought my email was broken!