[SOLVED] I do collision but isn't working

so i made if the enemy collision with bullet delete enemy and bullet,but when i run the preview isn’t working,(help me solve this problem)

musuh = enemy
peluru = bullet
indonesian language:grin:

if it is not delete, whats happens? its stay on the screen?
try to check the hitboxes of the sprites

yea its stay on screen(red object),and i was check the hitboxes(normal),
before this project i was made one with the collision too(work)

U have two “peluru”: peluru and peluru keluar. That is Peluru keluar ?

ohh,peluru keluar = bullets out but ignore it…just for experiment,btw im still stuck at this project :frowning:

Может поэтому они у него не работают?) пробивают насквозь?)

thats russian language?,noo peluru keluar/bullet out is just a physic for decoration not primary bullet, peluru/bullet for do a collision with enemy, peluru keluar/bullet out just for decoration

I’m not sure why but just guessing it might have something to do with the timer tembak… because it’s resetting every 0.1 seconds so you keep creating peluru!

Well I would try doing a few things…

First change the order of delete objects… Do Musuh first, then peluru second.
If that doesn’t work… try adding the second line

musuh is in collision with peluru
If timer tembak is greater than 0.01 second

Delete musuh
Delete pelura

solved,the problem is the hitboxes,i restore the hitboxes of musuh to default after i use custom hitboxes,but im still confused in my previous project i do custom hitboxes then work properly, thakyou yall