[Solved]I found a bug with joystick system I made

the bug is basically that when you touch the screen then touch the joystick it goes to the first touch, not second touch(which makes no sense I think as the events below will show why, unless I made a mistake of course which I don’t know what mistake I made if I did make one)

this video will show the bug

I suspect the problem will lie with the “cursor/touch is on BlackOrb” part. You;'re mixing multi touch with cursor position.

I’d suggest using the multi touch’s “new touch has started” condition instead, and having a subevent that checks whether the mulitouch point is inside BlackOrb. It’s a little bit more work (you may need to put the multitouch point co-ordinates into variables), but it should do the trick.

it works, I didn’t use a sub-event it looks like this instead, but I never thought of using point inside object lol, anyway thanks for the answer(and thanks for the solution) ill give a screenshot so if anyone wanna know how I made the joystick(well without the bug of course)
Screenshot 2022-02-21 234530

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