[solved] I need help with Steam

I don’t know where to start…
maybe I mentioned earlier, I’m not a programmer. so I need a real programmer’s help.

1, I exported (compiled) my game as a *.zip file from GDevelop. my game (unzipped) is 230 Mb. its ok, this is my first game (it isn’t too complicated), and I’m not a graphic artist. but of that 99 Mb is just the executable file! is this normal?! or did i do something wrong? the SteamDRM can’t handle files larger than 64 Mb, so I can’t apply SteamDRM. although this is not mandatory.

2, I can’t see the in GD the compiled *.exe compatibility. I sure it is writen somwere in the documentation, but can someone tell me? it is win32 or win64? I use Win7 64bit ant the exe is running good.

3, it is necessary to install something else on a foreign machine in addition to the programs compiled by GD? my options to this: DirectX, Visual C++ Redist, OpenAL, .NET, XNA, and PhysX? the GD compiled *.exe is run on my computer, but may be i have already installed the necessary things.

No need :slight_smile:

I’m only 20% sure but I think it is big because it has 32 bits and 64 bits executables in one.

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what is the minimum system requiremant of my game, and where should I know that? performance related things (CPU, RAM) can be different each GD game. and what about minimum OS? what should I mark as a minimum OS version?

Minimum os is the same as electron: windows 7 and up. For other OSes check the electron minimum requirements page I don’t bremmeber them.

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thank you for your help. the settings are accepted by Steam. the Steam page is ready to publish. (the build itself is waiting for check yet).

how can I separate the two wersions?