[Solved] Image becomes weird when created using code

in my game when ever I add an instance using code, The sprite becomes more… thicker(Its hard to describe)aaaa
The upper one is the one that is created via code and the below one is added manually(I wanted it to look like The below one)

How are you adding it via code? Can you provide a screen snip so we can understand how you’re doing it?

^ this is the code i am using(The SChip_Red one is the one that is in the previous img)

Is anything stopping this event from running again and again? You aren’t resetting the timer Display_Timer, and you don’t have a trigger once as a condition.

But to your post - do you resize the image to 49x49 in the editor? If that’s not the original size, it could be causing the fuzziness

I looked at the debugger and the cause of the fuzziness was that Its running over and over again but whenever I add the trigger once as a condition The code stops working.

^ My code

Put the trigger once as the last condition in the event, not the first. It should apply to all the previous conditions in the event, otherwise it’s just a trigger once on nothing.

The timer will prevent it from executing the first time and after that, since the trigger once has already been applied, the event trigger once condition will not be true again and prevent the event from being executed.

Thanks a lot! It works perfectly now