[Solved in 5.0.140]You must complete the advertising ID declaration before releasing an app that targets Android 13

Hello every one, probably everyone has received this message in their Google play console when you want to submit new release.

The question is, do we agree to these terms? and shoose “Yes” which means, Admob extension in GDevelop use advertising ID with com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID permission, or not use it, so we choose “No”.

Thanks in advance.


I also have the same question,

I am trying to upload a game on playstore but I have no idea how to agree to the terms or add them

maybe the admob extension need update and add com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID permission.

I hope someone will tell what to do.

Did any of you come up with a solution?

Also interesting. I can’t update because I don’t know what to choose

Trying to revive this thread. Did anyone find a solution?
I try to upload at play store and I get the bellow errors.

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This should be fixed in the next release of GDevelop:

  • The API level 31 requirement will be followed when you build your game for Android.
  • The com.google.android.gms.permission.AD_ID will be included whenever your game use AdMob.

Sorry for the delay there, we’ve been late on applying these new requirements, but things should be better in the new release :slight_smile:


You are best. Thanks

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Woohooo! Just updated Gdevelop and indeed now things seem fine. Honestly thanks a lot for answering and thanks for making Gdevelop an even better software. :smiley: Now I can continue my game dev journey!!