[SOLVED] Inability to download your compiled electron-build (Export)

Good evening

I recently decided to download my gaming project, so :

-I clicked on the export button

  • chose the pc desktop application option

  • compiled my project in the form of both windows(exe) and windows(zip).

    Unfortunatelly whenever I click on the download button allocated to the electron-build, litterarly nothing happens. I don’t see any notification, I don’t find any new appropriate programs or files in my desktop or any other drive wich has anything related to Gdevelop and not even my computer search bar can find anything.

    If you would have an idea about what is going on or how to solve this issue i would be greatfull. :grin:

This seems similiar to the problem this other person had:

Can you try changing your default browser? The download button should open the download link in your default browser, and from there you’ll download the relevant game file, which is around 50+ MB for Windows.

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yes, change your default browser

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I did
And it worked :grin:

Thank you !
(both of you) :hugs:

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