[Solved] Increase or decrease a layer effect

I’m trying to make an effect transition similar the one used by 16 bit SNES era as Super Mario, Kirby and Final Fantasy.

I’ve already read here: Layer Effects - GDevelop documentation

That taught me how to use effects, but I can’t figure how to change the effect intensity and give it a time before a scene change.

I really liked the effect shown on this thread: Why does layer effect have a glitch?

I’ve already created something to apply the effect on a certain situation. The effect is applied on the base layer and there no other layer right now:

If you want the effect to gradually change over time, assign a variable that changes over time and use that variable as a value of a parameter. Make sure to choose Effect parameter action for layers, not objects.


I’ve tried to follow this video: Como criar o efeito fade in e fade out na Gdevelop 5 - #dica - YouTube

But I think I’ve done something wrong, because the scene doesn’t change at all with this parameters:

I’m still trying, anyway.

OK, done.

At least I’ve copied and modified blahblah’s post (mentioned above):

This is the result:
GDevelop pixelated transistion

I’ll mark this topic as solved.