[SOLVED] Increase Speed of the Timer

Hi, quick question here, I have a logic that draws an object on a random position every second (Timer A). Later in the game, I would like to increase the speed of that process. I have tried with TimeScale, but the problem is, I also have a countdown (Timer B) to limit the round time, and if I increase the TImescale, the countodwn speeds up as a consequence.

Anyone has anyone an idea on how to increase the TimerSpeed for only one Timer?

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EDIT: to be precise, here are the conditions/actions:

#1: Cond.: Timer A > 1 second AND trigger once
Act. Draw object
#2 Cond: TimerA > 5 seconds
Act.: Delete Objetct AND reset

I would like the whole loop to execute faster without speeding up the Timer B (my Countdown Timer).

Test the timer with a time*time-scale:

Conditions: Timer A > 1*Variable(TimerAScale) Actions: Draw object Conditions: Timer A > 5*Variable(TimerAScale) Actions: Delete object Reset timer A
Then you can modify the variable “TimerAScale” to modify the “timer speed” (you modify the time to wait), bigger scale values means longer times. If you want to “increase the timer speed” when increasing the scale, do 1/Variable(TimerAScale) instead 1*Variable(TimerAScale) :wink:

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Nice, thanks a bunch!
I tried a similar approach with “Timer - Variable” but it broke the whole logic when the variable became too big.

And I’m off to make a level up scene. Have a nice day :slight_smile: