[Solved] Independent animations

Greetings, everybody,

I’m starting my second game (first one will be published soon), and I’m working on animations for a human. When I make a running animation for the human, and then open a new sprite to create animation in the opposite direction, the sprite animations will not change direction.

My first animation was of the character running right, and when I saved the sprite animations as PNGs on my computer, and then downloaded them into a newly created sprite, to flip them in order to have the character running left, it automatically had ALL of my running animation sprites going in the same direction.

Is there a way around this without having to recreate all of these sprite frames?

Thank you

There’s a flip object horizontal event action for images. Keep track on whether your character is facing left or right, and set the flip horizontally to true or false accordingly.

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Much obliged! Thank you!