[SOLVED]Index of Variable Name?

It seems like there is no way to get the index of the name of a number variable?
I only can get the index of the value of a variable.
A workaround not working for me is to store the Names in a separate Array List.

Hey, I’m not sure I understood what you’re asking. Can you show an example of what you want exactly?

I have an array Variable and I want to get the index of a specific array/structure Name. Right now I only can get the index of the Array Value.

Index is the number of the position of a child in an array (0,1,2,3…). Only an array is indexed. Structures contain named children. So I still don’t understand what you mean exactly!

Please share an example or a screenshot of your array/structure so I can understand your question and answer you correctly.

Hi, yes I meant structure

As insein mentioned, structures don’t have an index, therefore isn’t any index value to obtain.

Why are you trying to get an index in the first place?

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Structures are used when you want to obtain a value using a string. Arrays are when you want to get a value by index. If you want to do both, you would have to make an array of the structure strings.

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Ok so these are just called names since it’s a structure. If it’s an array you’d call them index. That’s why your question wasn’t clear.

If I understand correctly, let’s say you have this structure:

And you want to get the name of the child that has the string “b” (which should result in “name2”). You’d use this event:

Does this answer your question?

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