[SOLVED] individual object timer to start

Hey there…
I know, the question sound stupid…
but i’ve a problem that is pesting me these days, about timers…and at this point i don’t think that is only timers related.

I’ve attached the project for testing porpouse.

Basically what i want to do is to trigger 1 timer for an instance under a condition.
Now ,… i know about the trigger once problem (that in some circustances (when for each) it can’t be used.
But than the question is…if i can’t use the trigger once,…how the hell i’m suppose to start an individual timer?.

If you can please download the project…it’s rreally short.
if you find a way to turn the text to hit when needed and the same for the timers can u please link back here?.

Thx for any help would come.

You’ll get a quicker response if you post a screenshot of the events. People are less likely to download a project especially if they’re on their phone.

I looked at your project. I think the timers are working but the linked text object isn’t being picked.
You need something like this. Or you could move the text action into the other repeat for each object events

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Thx keith it fixed…i missd that take into account.+1
here the ss

and the fixed one

And about the hitstatus?..i can’t get it to work.
OK,dunno why but it fixed recreating the object.

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I’m not at my PC and I didn’t notice it before. I believe I previously talked about shape painter collision boxes. I’m not sure that’s a reliable way. There’s already a ray cast which picks the object that it detects. You can use that as the trigger. If needed, you can add additional conditions.

The ray cast detects the edge of the target object and draws a line to that point. The shape painter is then resized to fit the line. It doesn’t match the line it creates a bounding box around it. Depending on your objects hit box things might collide differently depending on the location of the objects in relationship to each other.

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