[SOLVED]Insert index between indexes

So I want to put an index in between two indexes. I am using the “insert variable x in y at index z” action but the problem is, this action does overwrite the index z; so if I have 2 indexes and insert a additional index at 1, I still have 2 indexes instead of 3. I tried 0.5 but that does not work.

Is there another action to insert a index between indexes?

Hey, I tried this action and it worked normally for me, the new variable is added to the array (not replacing) at a certain index. Can you share a screenshot of your event?

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yes you are right, I tried it isolated too and it works.
I found the error or bug I guess?

i want to remove 6 index entries from index 6 to 11. normally it should be index 6 to index 6+5 but I needed to do index 6 to index 6+6. Idk maybe because the condition added 1 index?