[Solved]Instances and positions

Hello, does anyone know how to explain how I change the character’s position from one instance to another?

I have 3 instances of a door, and I want to change the position of the player. When you enter the first door, change to the second.

Each port has its ID, as an instance variable. I want to move the character from “ID” 1 to “ID” 3 for example.


Try something like:

Condition: Player is in collision with Door1 (or whatever you want to set off moving the player)
Action: change X position of Player to Door3.X()

And you could adjust the position around Door3 as needed.

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I have 3 identical objects, but with different instance variables. In this case, as you described, it doesn’t work.

step 1, create the object variables to door object, and leave empty the values right now.

step 2, in the bottom of the Properties panel (left side), fill the instance variables. give the door a unique ID, and give the target door’s ID.

step 3, the events:

!note. this is just one solution. this task can be done several ways.


It worked, but I did it that way, putting in which door I want the player to appear! Thank you very much.