[Solved] Instances when reset the scene

As far as I know in gdevelop you can go back to a scene in two ways: that everything remains as it was when leaving the scene or reset all.

I need that some instances remains like when the scene was abandoned and the rest of instance reset them.

It seems to me that gdevelop doesn’t have any action to help you in this task. I think this is a very common task and Gdevelop needs a feature to help. For example set the instances individally if they must reset or not in the scene editor. Another way is when using “pause and start new scene” set wich layers are paused and wich layers are reset. It would be great.

Gdevelop doesn’t “save layers”, it saves the full game state with all the positions and variables.
Let’s imagine a standard platformer with coins, bonus crates and enemies.
You don’t want to reset the coins when they have been picked up, but you want to reset the enemies. Should GDevelop reset only the position of enemies, or their health/ammo/variables, too? Should it resurrect dead enemies?
What if some bonuses were picked up and you want to reset the bonus crates but they would only pop a coin instead of the bonus.
Should GDevelop ask precisely what variables of each instance should and shouldn’t be saved? That sounds like a lot of work for the devs and a lot of checkboxes to tick for the game makers.

Use the pause function and trigger whichever resets you need with the following condition:
Or use global variables to save whatever you want to save, regardless of scene changes.

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I understand the point. Maybe that’s not such a good idea.