(Solved) Inventory System (PLEASE)

How do i make an inventory system, I’ve watched videos and even looked at forums here on this website, Idk if I’m dumb or maybe I’m just too new to Gdevelop but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make an inventory system, someone please help me

Which part is giving you trouble? The inventory system, adding, checking quantities or creating an interface?

If you post a snapshot of your events, we can help you.

im sorry but literally all of it idk what I’m doing :sweat:, I’m making a stardew valley type game but its fishing instead of farming and I need a backpack system. Theres no code to show I deleted it all cuz I got upset :sweat_smile:

Unless you’re having a problem with a specific event. I don’t think I can help. I would recommend doing tutorials and/or watching YouTube videos. Once you get the inventory fundamentals, we can help you modify the events to fit your needs. You’ll learn about the general events at the same time.

Continue doing the tutorials. If you get stuck, post a screengrab of your events and someone can help you figure out what’s wrong and explain why it is the way it is.

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Ok ill try again and if i have problems ill come back

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Hi, there is an example project for inventories which could point you in the right direction:

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THANKS i have now figured it out and I have it made thank you

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