[Solved] Invert mouse position

Hello, is there any way to invert mouse point? i would like to put an option of invert mouse.
My game is a zombie shooter and what i want is that when my mouse is on the left side the gun should be on the right side, when i put my mouse cursor down i want the gun to aim up. how can i do that?
Sorry for my english.

Hide the mouse at the beginning of the scene.
Use a sprite, target/cross as mouse.
Then use condition:
If status of player = 0 (0indicating normal)
Change position of cross to mouse position.
If status of player =1 (1=invert mouse status)
If mouse x > player x
Set Xposition of cross to playerX - (mouseX-playerX)
If mouseX < player X
Set Xposition of cross to playerX +(playerx-mousex)
Same for y

If you use distance and angle conditions, it might be more efficient


YES! Thank you. That works great!