[Solved] Is GD4 really creating native Windows games?

Hi dear GDevelopers :slightly_smiling_face::hugs:

I am a newbie and I’m still discovering this super software, but I’m so confused about one thing:

Is version 4 really capable of creating native Windows games unlike version 5?? I mean version 5 only exports wrapped HTML5 games, but version 4 can compile real Windows games with a Program Files folder and DLLs just like the ordinary games, am I right??

Sorry if the question is silly, but I read lots of topics here and there and I am still not sure. I really want native Windows games and that is one of the reasons why I uninstalled Version 5.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, GD4 is a C++ engine while GD5 is JS only.
Keep that in mind however GD4 is not longer maintained, I believe the last few improvements was contributed to GD4 was not even released to the public, you need to compile from source if you need the latest version, but can’t remember what improvements they were so don’t ask me.


To be honest for making Windows games GD5 is perfect and in many ways the JS engine is much more advanced than the C++ engine of GD4. So, in case Windows is your primary target I see no reason to use GD4.

There is only 2 things that is really missing from GD5 and the JS engine and that is dynamic lights and shadows, and 3D boxes. But GD5 has a much better physics engine, pathfinding, rendering and audio engine, and a tons more that is not available in GD4 and never will be. So imo it is a mistake to go with GD4 unless you really need that dynamic light or 3D box right now.


Thank you ddabrahim for your Informative answers and advice, I will follow your advice and use GD5.

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face: