[SOLVED] Is it possible a high resolution ui with pixel grapics?

I want to make a pixel game like 8bit Space Shooter example but with a higher resolution ui. I want better resolution texts. Not pixel text.

Sure. First, set your game resolution to a higher resolution.
Then you have a few options:

  1. Scale up all of your assets to a larger size (full integer size increases, so if your sprite is 32x32 you would scale it up to 64x64, 128x128, etc, never scale partially to like…50x50 or something). Then make your game as normal. For your UI, use normal fonts and text sizes.


  1. Leave all of your assets at their original size. At the start of the scene, zoom in all layers EXCEPT your UI layer by the factor difference with your resolution. (E.g., if your assets are designed for 320x180, and your game is 1920x1080, then you need to zoom in 6x). They will be the same size as if they were running on 320x180 as a game resolution, but will actually be running at the higher resolution.

Thanks a lot. I came here to delete my topic because Top Down RPG example uses the second way you told. But you already replied it .Thank you @Silver-Streak.

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