[Solved] Is it possible to have an AND statement within an OR statement

I am trying to make the buttons in my game tab-able. So i would like to do something like:

if the cursor is over a button and the primary mouse key was released then do action X.
if the customTabIndex equals the button and the enter key was released then also do action X.

I know I can create two separate events for this and just have the do the same thing, but is there a way I can combine this logic into one event?

Yes, you can do that. To do that, you will need this condition:

and doing something like this with that condition will give you:

If variable(example) = 1 or variable(example) = 2

that is only the OR part of the equation. I need an AND statement WITHIN/INSIDE of the OR part.

there is an and condition that you can use for that

Look here

There is and condition and now this becomes
If (Global variable lalalalala=1 and hahahahaha = 00) or Global Variable hello = 1

I see it now. I could’ve sworn I looked and couldn’t find one. Thanks!

I didn’t see the AND condition. I see it now. Thanks!