[SOLVED] Is it possible to recreate the "field of view" effect, like in Darkwood's?

In Darkwood’s (Darkwood Official Release Gameplay Trailer - YouTube) you can see that really cool mechanic of the field of view that I wanted to recreate. At first I wanted to use the light object but it couldn’t give the effect. You could still see stuff behind you, and I didnt want to have the hole level compelitely black around you. But still I’am not too familliar with the engine so maybe I overlooked something, or there’s a special function like mask that unity or photoshop has? I’ll be very thankful if somebody answered my question! (Every advice you can give me will be very helpful)

By the Way when I said stuff I meant Enemys.

Have you tried making a large black sprite object to cover over the whole screen, with a transparent hole in the middle in the shape of a sight cone? You can have it center around the player and rotate it by setting its angle according to the angle of the player object.

if you want to make the edges of the sight cone softer (partially see-through) you could use some extra cone sprite objects slightly smaller than the main one and set opacity somewhere between 0 and 255 so its partially see-through to blend between the black darkness and the vision hole

I’ve thought about it but then you will be able to see through walls

I want it to work lie the light object but every enemy outside your sight will not be shown, and the walls must stop the light too the great example is the part of the trailer were the charecter meets the dog. Its somwhere in the middle of the trailer

I think I found the best tutorial for the light. It is not exactly what I needed but with my ‘adjustments’ it will look perfect. P. S. If somebody will need the tutor:How to Create a Flickering Dynamic Light Effect in GDevelop 5 - New Update - Dynamic Lights Feature - YouTube