[Solved] Is there such a thing as image masks (not for collision)

Coming from a Flash background here - all I see when searching for masks is collision related topics - is there a way to add a mask in the Flash sense - only showing a section of the image/animation being masked?

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I mean, if u want like a window like view, u can make sprite in piskel and fill the center with transparent then it won’t be filled, u can put the background behind and it should work

Thanks - I might be able to do that as a workaround in my particular case, but it wouldn’t be practical with a lot of things I’d like to convert (that have multiple masks for example on different layers, some of which would overlap.)

Appreciate the reply though!

There is a mask extension in the extensions list. By using a red sprite you can mask other parts of another sprite.


Thanks silver, that sounds perfect. Have installed, just need to figure out how to use the thing (I couldn’t be newer to the program in general so admittedly I don’t even know the basics and shouldn’t be asking questions like this - but is it supposed to show up as a behavior - or am I supposed to type something in to stipulate the mask object, or…am I missing some documentation however brief?)

How find the mask extension, and other extensions:

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