(Solved) Is this possible

Is it possible to add a delay when changing a scene? and if it possible what code is used?

so I’ll make an example ;

after sent to a scene, (scene for the question to appear) then there’s a sudden like let’s say a question appeared and there are 3 choices which only one is correct :

a player chooses the wrong so he will now go to the game over scene but before the player was sent to the game over scene there will be a pop out trivia then after let’s say again there’s 10 seconds delay (the player should have been already read the text in that given time) before actually sending to the game over scene

Hi, it is possible. You could have a timer or you could use the wait-action. If there is some pop up text which the player should read, you could also simply add a button at the end that switches the scene. This has the advantage that the player can decide by themself if they want to read the text and how fast they read it.

Edit: If you want to have the delay it is as simple as:

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Ohhh, that’s greattttt. Thanks a much!!! <3

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